About us

PUCKiES, ett familjeföretag sedan 2015

A modern, healthier and super tasty alternative to chocolate balls and sweet pastries. That was what we at Puckies of Sweden were missing out in the fika- market. When we found it difficult to find a treat that combined pleasure with benefit, that was less sweet and contained pure ingredients that were good for both body and soul, we decided to develop our own product. 

Our journey started at home in the kitchen with the development of our first product, our very own chocolate ball! After many hours of baking and tasting, we achieved something that was a pure flavor explosion. A vegan, additive-free and organic chocolate ball that did not compromise on taste, function or good properties. 

Our intuition was confirmed and it turned out that many more appreciated our chocolate ball and today, 6 years and three functional product lines later, success is a fact. 

But the journey doesn't end here. We will continue to develop more good flavors and combinations so that more people can enjoy goodies with a clear conscience.