Fika Bites, Chocolate ball 21 x 8g, ECO

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Article Number: 1000
Supplier: Puckies of Sweden

Puckies are the perfect sweet when your stomach rumbles or when your sweet tooth creeps up! The taste and texture is comparable to a traditional creamy chocolate ball. Our Puckies are topped with crushed coconut flakes for an extra buttery taste in every new bite and the delicious sweetness comes from fiber-rich fruits and berries.

Puckies are, as always, Vegan, organic and made in Sweden! With ZERO additives and naturally free from gluten, milk, lactose, soy and added sugar, we dare to promise that with Puckies, you can have your coffee break with a really clear conscience :-)

Serving tips, This representative package and its small 8 gram treats are perfect for displaying on the coffee table, conference table, children's party or taking to the picnic! Easy as pie to reseal and store in the freezer or fridge and are great for refreezing or cooling after they have been at room temperature for a long time.

Durability, The product lasts for several days at room temperature but is best stored refrigerated after delivery.

-In the fridge: 3 months, Deep frozen: 10 months. ATTENTION! The product can be refrozen and recooled!

INGREDIENTS: Dates*, coconut flakes*, coconut oil*, cocoa nibs*, cocoa*, salt. 

*Organic ingredient

NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100 G Energy: 1739.3 kJ / 417.9 kcal Carbohydrates: 31.0g Of which sugars: 28.0g Protein: 4.6g Fat: 28.9g Of which saturated fat: 25.2g Fiber: 8.9g Salt: 0.1g

May contain traces of cashew nuts.

Stones may be present in rare instances

The packaging is sorted like paper