Snack dates Activated charcoal, ECO

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Article Number: 49
Supplier: Puckies of Sweden AB

Puckie's organic chopped dates, rolled in Activated Carbon.

Chopped dates can be used as snacks, in baking or eaten together with breakfast food. Good to sprinkle on yogurt och porige, or sprinkle over your muesli or granola for a little extra sweetness.

Activated Carbon is a powder that consists of carbonized bamboo. In addition to its aesthetic properties, activated carbon is said to be good for its absorbent properties! The porous structure of the activated carbon has a negative electrical charge, causing it to attract positively charged molecules, such as toxins and gases. This helps clear toxins and chemicals in the gut.
The powder is neutral in both taste and smell.
Content per 100 g: Activated carbon: 97 g Iron: 0.45 mcg Phosphorus: 4.6 mcg Calcium: 3 mcg

Ingredients: Dates*, rice flour*, Activated Carbon*

Nutritional value per 100 g: energy 1420 kJ / 330 kcal fat 0.20 g - of which saturated fat 0.10 g carbohydrate 80 g - of which sugars 80 g protein 2.20 g salt < 0.10 g fiber 4 g

*Organic certified agriculture