Snack dates Matcha, ECO

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Supplier: Puckies of Sweden AB

Puckie's organic chopped dates, rolled in matcha powder.

Chopped dates can be used as snacks, in baking or eaten together with breakfast food. Good to sprinkle on yogurt och porige, or sprinkle over your muesli or granola for a little extra sweetness.

Matcha powder is a green tea that comes from Japan. Matcha comes from a plantation in Kyoto where there is a long tradition of producing green tea. The green tea leaves are ground into green powder. Because green tea is not oxidized (like black tea) but is steamed and dried immediately after picking, this means that the tea retains more of the nutrients found in the tea bush.
Matcha powder has a full and intense taste with a slight sweetness and some bitterness.

Contains natural caffeine.

Ingredients: Dates*, rice flour*, matchapowder*

Nutritional value per 100 g: energy 1420 kJ / 330 kcal fat 0.20 g - of which saturated fat 0.10 g carbohydrate 80 g - of which sugars 80 g protein 2.20 g salt < 0.10 g fiber 4 g

*Organic certified agriculture